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Hydraulic clamping systems

Manually driven

The build-up of the oil pressure within the clamping system is done manually. The clamping area is pressurized to ensure a secure clamping of the component. The clamping surface expands in the elastic area up to 0.3% of the diameter. Proper pre-preparation of component is presumed.


Have we piqued your interest? Then we will design and develop nearly any clamping system to your requirements. Not the right thing for you? No problem. We also offer mechanical clamping systems!


Axial actuation

You can easily axially clamp the clamping system manually with the aid of a hex key. By moving the clamp screw, you create the required internal pressure for expansion of the clamping site. The component is centred and securely clamped!


Radial actuation

The clamping system is actuated manually using hex keys. The entire clamping site expands and clamps the component. The component is centred and securely clamped!

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