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Hydraulic clamping systems

Efficient, high precision and compact design

Hydraulic clamping systems work without mechanical wearing parts with oil according to the hydrostatic principle.

The primary feature of the König-mtm hydraulic clamping system is the elastic clamping bushings with a closed clamping surface. The clamping of components with bores is done by clamping mandrels, so that spindles are clamped with clamping chucks. Through even cylindrical expansion of the clamping bushing over the entire clamping area, we guarantee the highest run-out accuracy. And that's not all - all hydraulic clamping systems offer you outstanding abrasion resistance and an enormously high resistance to soiling.

Advantages of the hydraulic clamping systems:

- Run-out and axial accuracies <= 0.003 mm
- High torque transmission
- Stable construction
- Easy to operate