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Mechanical clamping systems

Ideal solutions of the highest quality

Mechanical clamping systems from König-mtm provide you with increased loading clearances and enable you to clamp greater component tolerances. Depending on the requirement, expansions of 1 mm are possible. You reduce your set-up time and increase productivity!

The mechanical clamping systems from König-mtm provider you with years of experience and the greatest possible safety. And we have been by your side for years for all questions regarding clamping technology.

The actuation of our mechanical clamping systems occurs machine-side via oil pressure, a draw rod or an internal spring package. All clamping systems can be quickly changed to other clamping diameters. In addition, using the pull-back action of the component on the system surface creates higher rigidity. An addition advantage: also suitable for very short components.

Have we piqued your interest? We design and develop nearly every machine connection to your requirements, and adapt them to all modern precision tool machines.

Advantages of the mechanical clamping systems:

- Expansions of up to 1 mm possible
- High torque transmission
- Very large clamping diameter